The Importance of Appreciating your Work Wife this Galentine’s


Studies have shown there is a proven value in work friendships.

In fact, it has been said that ‘those at work whom we see daily have the potential to increase our happiness as much as earning $100,000 more per year’. At a time when many are spending more time at work than they do sleeping, we can well believe this. If we’re working longer nowadays (with retirement ages inching back) then we need to make our work life pleasurable, we need to be motivated and there needs to be a little fun in there, too. Sure, we enjoy our jobs here at huggg, but what makes the day even better are the social interactions – team blind Lego builds or ‘shall we go and discuss this on the indoor swings?’. We all need something to look forward to; it helps us be more productive and that’s a winner for everybody.

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Working in a room with people from other cities, countries, walks of life, how do we start these interactions? We’re not talking about asking someone to dinner or to see the latest film the second they step through your new job’s door (that may come later) but keeping each other company in the coffee queue or taking it in turns to pop out for a festive hot chocolate sounds right up our street. Recommending your favourite independent coffee shop to a new starter, whilst discussing who-ate-what on last night’s ‘I’m a Celebrity,’ also begins to build a relationship. It gives you a snippet of downtime and time to recharge. In a world where we have more and more interactions with screens it’s warming to be personal and make both you, and the recipient, take a minute and connect.

Here at huggg we work well when praised (everyone likes to feel appreciated) and it has been proven that close work friendships, where you can be bigged-up, can boost your motivation up to 7 fold. On a dark, winter’s morning we are definitely onboard with a slice of that.

Currently my ‘colleagues’ consist of my four small people, as I’m on mat. leave. We have chats around the sink (washing things off our hands mostly) rather than the water cooler. I do,however, have fond memories of discussing (and booking!!) dream holidays with colleagues and looking forward to the idle chat over cottage cheese and chunky crackers at lunchtime. Living vicariously through watching repeats of the West Wing, swooning over their work dynamic, suffices for now.

When you need a caffeine fix at 4pm, now it’s getting lighter outside, we hope you have a work wife who will pop out with you to see the snowdrops in the park, gawp at the last-minute flower purchases for Valentines, and return warmed and recharged.

Oh, and if you’re still on the fence about the benefits of work wives (and husbands) then we’ll leave you with this… ‘NASA found fatigued crews with experience together made fewer errors when placed under pressure than fresh crews who had never flown together.’

And you can’t argue with NASA.


Let your work wife or husband know that they brighten up your day and treat them to a Valentines huggg. Whether it’s their favourite coffee or an exclusive valentine dodgy jammer, it could just take you a few seconds to make their day.

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