Everything You Need To Know About The Coffee huggg

For the curious coffee drinkers or non-coffee drinkers out there.

So you’ve been sent a coffee huggg and have a few questions. Let’s start with the basics.

☕️ Q: What drinks can I enjoy with a coffee huggg?

It varies from place to place, but generally (and at a minimum) all options on the standard coffee range menu (americano, flat white, latte, cappuccino). Some of our partners go all out with weird and wonderful options, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

If you’re a non-milk drinker and love your oat, almond, soy or maybe even coconut lattes, you’ll be glad to know most of our partners include that within a coffee huggg. How about a coconut-latte at CASCARA, Bath or an almond-flat white at Pinkmans Bakery, Bristol. For the Londoners, Taylor St. Baristas pour a sweet oat-flat white. If you’re in Cambridge, check out The Roguery or Cafe Abantu.


☕️ Q: I’ve been sent a coffee huggg but I don’t like coffee, is there anything else I can have?

Our amazing partners understand the importance of choice, especially when it’s a huggg that’s been sent to you by your friend, mother, brother or esteemed-other, so we try and steer away from lots of exclusions. Of course some fancy pants drinks won’t be included in the huggg (double shot soy mocha frappe with extra cream, we see you…)

To make this as easy as can be, we’ve shined a spotlight on some of our partners that offer coffee alternatives.

Enjoy a loose leaf tea at:

And for the sweet tooth, enjoy a hot chocolate at:

☕️ Fancy trying something a little different?

We’ve hunted down some of the most unusual drinks that you can enjoy with a coffee huggg.


☕️ Q: Where can I redeem my coffee huggg?

Need to know where you can redeem your coffee huggg, head over to this blog post which we update regularly with new locations.

If you’re a partner and we’ve missed you off the tea or hot chocolate list, pop us an email and we’ll add you. 

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