‘My staff are wonderful. We hug a lot.’


Reset and have a brew at Salt the Radish

Set in Finsbury Park, Salt The Radish is a sweet blend of a life-long dream, worldly flavours, locally sourced produce and a great chapter on radishes in Nigel Slater’s A Year of Good Eating. 

After seeing Kat’s instagram post of her staff hugging (in real life, we haven’t missed a g), we couldn’t wait to catch up with her over a brew. Say hello 👋 to once a town-planner, seasoned traveller and now cafe founder, Kat Halliday.

☕️ Describe Salt the Radish in one sentence.

Unpretentious, friendly and relaxed café in North London.

☕️ What does Salt the Radish bring to the Finsbury Park area?

We serve Climpson & Sons Coffee (the best), loads of homemade treats (you’ve got to try our brownies), mouthwatering brunch and healthy lunches. We use quality ingredients from local suppliers. My staff are wonderful. We hug a lot.

We also have a really good playlist.


☕️ Where did the idea come from?

The idea for STR has evolved over the years. I had an idea of what I wanted before I started but then I just went with it and let it develop and grow organically. It’s pretty much me in café form I suppose. I’ve been massively influenced by the time I spent travelling and the name itself came after reading Nigel Slater’s “A Year of Good Eating” specifically the radish section. “Radishes love salt”. Thanks Nige.

☕️ Tell us about your travels!

I was lucky to take some time out of real life in my late twenties to travel. Asia and Australia were the main focus. Probably the most influential part of the trip was working in a café in Melbourne. The Israeli head chef taught me a lot about middle eastern cooking and gave me much more confidence in the kitchen. I spent my days off eating my way around the cafes of Melbourne. It’s where the plan to open my own place was firmly cemented.

☕️ What’s your favourite dish?

Generally Thai food. I love it. I often cook a Thai curry when I’m trying to impress and two of my favourite restaurants are Thai places: Farang (10 minutes from the café!) and Smoking Goat in Shoreditch.

☕️ Tell us something interesting about yourself

Hmmmmm… You mean like those 2 months when I self-identified as a cat when I was 5 years old? Or more like how I used to be Chartered Town Planner?

Ok. I was a Development Planner before I set up the café dealing with big projects like port and harbour developments, quarry extensions and new schools in the North of England. It was during this time I mastered the art of the passive aggressive email and successfully waited until at least 12.01 to eat my lunch every day.

☕️ What do you like about huggg?

“Kindness is Contagious” – this fits in with how we like to do things at STR. Be nice to people, it’s important. Hugging people is also very important and it’s sometimes difficult to do that in real life. So send a huggg and let people know you’re thinking of them.

☕️ Anything else you wish to share…

The snap above👆 is me discussing what to order in a restaurant in Hackney. My favourite activity.

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