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They’re golden. They expire within 36 hours. And you only have 5.


Wondering how golden hugggs work? Let us walk you through them.

When we first built huggg, we always knew we wanted to find a way to make the first few hugggs you sent, stand out from all the rest. We wanted them to be reserved for the most important humans in your life. And we wanted them to look and feel special.
Which is why we created golden hugggs.
We launched them in December and you’ve been loving them ever since. But you’ve also had some burning questions we’ve decided to answer right here, right now.
So without further ado, let us introduce you to our latest exciting feature addition…

🌟 what are golden hugggs?

When you first download huggg, you’ll find 5 golden hugggs waiting for you to send to your 5 most epic colleagues, friends, family or lovers. These hugggs are free (because we’re cool like that) and they’ve been dipped in gold (swish) so choose wisely.

☕️ what are golden hugggs exchangeable for?

Golden hugggs are exchangeable for exactly the same thing as our independent hot drink hugggs. They’re redeemable at any of our participating partner sites for anything from the hot drinks menu (exclusions may apply, ask your barista for help!).

View a list of participating locations across Bristol, London and Bath here.

⏰ how long do i have to send my golden hugggs?

From the moment you download the app and sign up to huggg, you have 36 hours to send your 5 free golden hugggs.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone – so be quick!

⏳ what’s the expiry date on golden hugggs?

When it comes to redeeming hugggs, golden hugggs have the same expiry as our independent coffee hugggs – 365 days from receiving and stashing in the app.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 who can i send my golden hugggs to?

You will only be able to send golden hugggs to certain contacts. If you receive an error message when you select a contact to send to, it will be because they fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’re a blocked contact
  • They’ve already been sent a golden huggg
  • They’re a bad egg 🥚

The app will let you know if the human you’re trying to send to doesn’t qualify for one. You can then either choose to either pay for the coffee huggg or hit back and select someone else to get a golden one – simple!

We hope that just about clears everything up but if you have any further questions about golden hugggs, regular hugggs or anything in between, talk to us at hello@huggg.me or find us on socials @huggg_uk – we’re always scrolling!

Time to forget that last Rolo and think about who’s going to get your first huggg.

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