Do you know someone who has been particularly kind, compassionate or courageous this year?


Nominate them to be in with the chance of winning an epic huggg bundle, just in time for crimbo.

From the work-wife you share lunch with, to the special one you get tucked up into bed with at night; we all have those we couldn’t live without. They might be someone who listens while you talk on the phone, offering advice (you’ll never actually take) or shares cinema snacks 🍿 (even when they don’t want to). They might be someone you really look up to; a go-getter who isn’t afraid to chase their dreams and reach for the stars🌟, reminding you to do the same. Or someone who’s been handed a bad card but manages to smile and march on regardless, encouraging you to be brave 🦁 in turn.

These are our real heroes. The everyday people who impact our lives without even realising it.

And we want to celebrate them this Christmas by sharing your stories and crowning one lucky nominee our ‘Human of the Year’ on 20 December 2018. Check out our video to hear some of the reasons people are nominating their friends this year… 

So, go on. Tell us about that special someone who deserves a little love and recognition for being great and we’ll do just that.

Aside from receiving a digital round of applause from our entire community and a crown made out of the finest craft paper we can find (think ‘Kindest Giant in Town’ crown) we can find, the winner will also get:

👑 A box of Crosstown or Pinkmans doughnuts (depending on where they’re based)*

👑 500 hot drink hugggs to hand out to humans as amazing as them*

👑 Two tickets for a night at the movies*

👑 A box of Right Good Kitchen brownies*T

Oh, and by the way, everyone who nominates gets a huggg in return for being so thoughtful 😉.

Stories will be shared on social @huggg_uk throughout December and a winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday 20 December.

Let’s celebrate the good people this Christmas🎄.


*this campaign is in no way affiliated with any of these brands

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