‘bakers are known to be generous and that giving spirit is what we strive for’


Embrace the connections between the new and old with Pinkmans Bakery

Award-winning Pinkmans Bakery bakes and makes everything on site. Based on no. 85 Park Street, Bristol, every step up the steady incline is worth it. Spoilt with a selection of bread, sour-dough-nuts, coffee, sandwiches, wood fired sourdough pizza, cocktails, beers, wine and good times.

After grabbing a warming homemade chai and admiring the festive décor (yes, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas) we caught up with Pinkmans’ Rachel Eames.

🍩 Describe Pinkmans in one sentence

Pinkmans is an award-winning independent bakery based in Bristol, specialising in wild yeast baking and sourdough.

🍩 What does Pinkmans bring to Park Street?

Smiles! We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where people want to come and talk good food, eat good food, and share good food.

🍩 Tell us about the bakery

We produce everything we sell on-site in our little bakery. We’ve got an open kitchen where we make everything savoury – our award winning sandwiches, using the bread we bake each and every morning in there; our sourdough pizzas, cooked fresh to order in our wood-fire oven; we also prepare all our locally sourced veg in there for the next day. Out the back is where our patisserie and pastry chefs work. Everything from mixing the dough for our sourdough loaves to baking and assembling our layer cakes to frying and filling our sour-dough-nuts all happens here. It’s our third birthday at the beginning of December, so we’re looking forward to what the future holds for us!


🍩 What’s your favourite doughnut?

We had this incredible one, must’ve been nearly two years ago now: toffee apple. Otherwise my usual go-to is chocolate pecan brownie.

🍩 Talk to us about upcoming seasonal doughnuts

So, we’ve got two seasonal flavours arriving for the holidays, Chocolate Orange and Ferrero Rocher. I can confirm that A. they are delicious and B. they will disappear faster than you’d believe.

🍩 Tell us something interesting about yourself

I started working at Pinkmans before we even opened. Started working on the counter and since then have had a hand in almost every section of the bakery – it’s amazing what independent businesses like Pinkmans can offer if you really invest in them.

🍩 What do you like about huggg?

The concept of huggg is just so in line with how we see ourselves – bakers are known to be generous and that giving spirit is what we strive for. So to see that reflected in a great new company headed up by some great, passionate people, well what’s there not to like? We love it when customers come in to collect their independent coffee hugggs.

🍩 Anything else you wish to share…

We’ve re-decorated our cafe for the festive season – it’s something we look forward to all year long. And our menu gets a little festive sprucing, too. Mince pies, chocolate bread, turkey sandwiches and hot chocolate, it’s our favourite time, and there’s always plenty to eat!


Look out for a very exciting announcement tomorrow. In the meantime, you can collect your independent coffee hugggs from Pinkmans. If you fancy trying something new, Pinkmans offer oat, almond and coconut milk with all their coffees for no additional price. 
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