‘i like that warm feeling you get from being nice to other people’


Feel good and warm up with a pie at Secret Goldmine.

Turn a corner in Bermondsey from the Maltby Street Food Market and follow the smell of crisp pastry baking away. Hidden away in the old railway arches, find the Secret Goldmine, a sweet blend of coffee shop and pie cart.

We caught up with New Zealand born Mike Meehan who moved to London in 2000. Upon the realisation that Kiwi’s were under catered for in the world of pies, he turned his nostalgia into a home away from home and created The Pie Cart. Today, The Pie Cart is the Secret Goldmine’s in-house bakery, which brings pies to Londoners from the arch in Bermondsey.

🥧 Why Bermondsey? 

Believe it or not, there’s not a lot of coffee shop action here. We wanted to bring something new to the area – a secret hang out for locals and well, everyone. It’s a nice spot for people to discover, sit back and enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat.

🥧 Secret Goldmine was born in 2017, how did it all start?

It actually started with The Pie Cart – a pie wholesaler and market trader. We did this for about eight years before we were ready to get our own space. The arch seemed like the perfect space for a bakery (at the back) and a coffee shop for people to enjoy (at the front). A home for everything we do.

🥧 The space looks great. Where did the idea come from?

A good friend of mine worked on the design. It carries an Antipodean emphasis with the vintage hurricane lamps and wooden beams. We wanted to blend coffee-shop-calm with the bustle of a bakery. The design really complements what we’re all about – down time with good coffee, food and pies.

🥧 The big reveal! What’s your favourite pie?

Oh, Bacon and Egg, every day. The go-to amongst our customers is Steak and Cheese.

🥧 Tell us something interesting about yourself

25 years ago I played a gig with Debbie Harry from Blondie. 

🥧 What hugggs can we collect at Secret Goldmine?

Right now, you can come and see us for your independent coffee hugggs☕️. We think this is an awesome way of helping people to discover new places, especially joints like the Secret Goldmine which is a bit of a hidden gem.

🥧 What do you like about huggg?

I like the warm feeling that you get from being nice to other people. It’s simple, huggg isn’t trying to be clever, it’s just trying to make people feel good.


Share that warm feeling, quite literally, with an independent coffee huggg at Secret Goldmine. And if coffee didn’t quite hit the spot… 👀 keep your eyes peeled for a deep filled huggg announcement coming very soon. 
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