6 ways you can show appreciation


Everyone loves to feel appreciated and valued. The need to feel loved and recognised for our work, the kind of people we are, and the way we make others feel is embedded in our emotional wiring.  According to the Nagoya Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo, appreciation activates the same part of your brain that receiving money does.

‘The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated’.
William James, renowned psychologist and philosopher.

If you show people that you appreciate them, they will work more productively and dig deeper in a crisis, because they know that their efforts will be noticed and recognised.   Appreciation builds stronger relationships, whether it’s with your friends, your colleagues, or your family… hey, even strangers. 


here are 6 ways to show you appreciate your friends or colleagues:

1. just say it

Face to face interaction is probably as genuine as you can get. Body language is everything, right? When you tell someone that you appreciate them (genuinely) to their face, they see you at your most authentic self. Ford’s former chairman Donald Peterson said he’d spend 10 minutes everyday boosting the people around him (Forbes, 2013) .

2. make it instant

An in-the-moment, instant tweet, email or treat can reinforce the idea that whatever you put into the world, you’ll get back out. Like good karma. When a recognition and a reward is delayed, you have lost that opportunity to reinforce the connection between their positive action and the reward you give.  

3. shout, shout, let it all out

From toasting a friend at a dinner, to sharing an achievement with a 🌟 emoji on your work’s Slack channel, publicly shouting your appreciation (aka Meryl and Jen!) from the rooftops can be a great thing. Public recognition will also spur others on to show their support, which boosts motivation and positive work relationships.

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4. make it personal

Nobody really remembers that a-little-too-blank card with a quickly scribbled ‘Congratulations! From all of us at work’ when they’ve reached a milestone. What they will remember is one with a personalised design that’s been passed around the office and filled with funny, heartfelt messages. Be specific, tell them WHY you appreciate them. This will mean more and ensure they learn ‘what good looks like’.

5. don’t give cash

People routinely report feeling more appreciated when they receive a non-cash gift over a monetary reward. Gifts are more memorable, make people feel proud, are guilt-free indulgences (better than feeling obliged to spend cash on boring bills), and are easier to brag about!  A thoughtful reward can say more than words or cash ever could. It doesn’t have to be expensive either!

6. huggg it out

When you are separated by distance, restricted by budget and time, and when words just don’t seem enough, it can be hard to show your appreciation. With huggg, you can instantaneously say ‘thank you’ to your friends or colleagues by treating them to their favourite coffee, sweet treat, tasty lunch or glass of fizz, conveniently from your phone. And it doesn’t cost you the earth, so you can show your appreciation as often as you like, to as many people as you like.

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