share your hugggs on social for a chance to win somethin’ yum


Each Thursday, we’ll be putting all those who have shared snaps of their hugggs on social into a draw to win something special…

There’s nothing we love more than seeing you enjoy your hugggs. To watch those tiny ‘realmoji’ you send to each other, coming to life in your hands.

It’s what makes our days a little brighter, our steps a little lighter and our smiles even wider.


It’s the happy faces with sugared lips, taking a selfie with the cake at Konditor & Cook they’ve been sent because they’ve just passed their exams. The cold hands clasped around a warm cup at Taylor St. someone’s received to cheer them up. And the snaps of multicoloured Juice Collective hugggs in the hands of someone who could use the boost. Those are the things that make all this hard work, worthwhile. Which is why we’re asking you to make doubly sure when you post a photo, tweet or Facebook post about your huggg, we get to see them.

Here’s how to share your hugggs on social:

1. Tag us in the image or tweet @huggg_uk

2. Use #huggged in the comment or tweet

And that’s it. The first step means we’ll get notified and the second means your photo will appear alongside all the others that have been taken by anyone who’s been #huggged.

The best part is, each week, we’ll be choosing our ‘huggg of the week’ by putting all those who have shared their hugggs on social into a draw to win something yum – be it a delicious doughnut 🍩 chocolate treat 🍪 or crisp pint 🍺.


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