it’s time to answer your most frequently asked questions


Believe it or not, we make all our decisions based on your needs.

Which is why we spend so much of our time talking to hugggers (and non-hugggers!), in a bid to figure out how to make this thing we’ve built for you, even better. Out of these sessions, surveys and messages, come plenty of questions and comments. And, although we can often assume what these are going to be, sometimes you surprise us, so we thought we’d answer some common queries about huggg for anyone who’s listening. Here goes.

“I feel nervous when I go into a store to collect my huggg.”

Well, hot diggity, this one made us weep!

We choose to partner only with brands who have hearts of the most golden hue – and their baristas and servers are desperate to huggg you! If they’re on the map, they know how to use our app – even if there aren’t any signs or stickers in the window. Head on in and you’ll be greeted with a smile, promise.

Still nervous? We’ll let you into a secret: you’re heading down a well-trodden path. Even if it’s a store we’ve only just announced, you won’t be the first human to redeem a huggg in there. We have an army of amazing huggg testers who have already been in to check the experience is going to be tip top before adding them to the app – these people are ready and waiting for you, head on in!

“I can’t see where my friend will be able to redeem their independent coffee from.”

We’re working hard to make it much clearer to see where the person you’re sending a huggg can redeem it from.

It’s a little trickier than we’d anticipated, but we’ve temporarily tried to combat it by adding new ‘search by map’, ‘search by categories’ and ‘search by brand’ features, which should’ve solved some of this for the time being!

Watch this space for further updates.

“What happens if I send a huggg to someone who doesn’t have the app?”

They’ll still receive their huggg!

When you send a huggg to someone who doesn’t have the app downloaded, they’ll simply receive a text message containing your huggg, your personalised message along with a note from us, with a prompt and link to download the app. Once they’ve installed the app and signed in, their huggg will automatically be waiting for them, ready to collect and enjoy.

“Eek! The store I want to visit has terrible signal and I’m worried the app won’t work!”

At the moment, hugggs are redeemable online only – so you do need 3G, 4G or WiFi to redeem.

We’re trying to change that, but until then, don’t panic. Our baristas are well versed in how to huggg and know the drill. If it takes a little longer to load or they have to provide you with the WiFi password? No biggie, they’ll understand.

“I want to send a huggg in iMessage but it won’t let me.”

Ah, you probably don’t have Apple Pay enabled. Whether you use it to send hugggs or not, it’s a game changer. Here are some instructions on how to get set up.

“My favourite brand isn’t on huggg!”

We’re onboarding new brands and independents all the time, but if you can’t see your favourites, tell us who they are and we’ll invite them to join the party!

Even better? Let them know yourself by tagging them (and us) on Twitter to kick off the conversation. Or, hand them an offline nomination card – we have plenty of these at our office, just let us know if you’d like some and we’ll find a way to get them to you.

“I want to send one to my friend in Manchester – when are you rolling out across the UK?”

We want to make huggging feel really great before we roll out to the rest of the UK. And the more you feedback about the app, the quicker we’ll be able to do this. There are a couple of stores that are live and huggging outside of Bristol, London and Bath – check the map in the app to see which ones.

“The admin fee is a little annoying.”

Not many people know this, but it costs us quite a lot to process a huggg each time one is sent.

We’re a small business and need to cover the cost of this (for now at least!), but if you want the good news? We’ve dropped it to 20p.

“I want to send a huggg to someone on Instagram – how do I do that?”

Right now, you need to have a person’s mobile number in order to send a huggg. Once you’ve been through the send process, though, you can also clip the huggg link and send to them wherever you like – including Instagram!

We know just how important it is to be able to send hugggs without the need for a mobile number though, so don’t worry, we’re onto it! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

We hope that helps clear up some of your questions – please never stop asking them, we love hearing from you.

If you ever need a helping hand 👋 to send a huggg, you’d like to report a bug 🐜 or simply wish to have a chat 🗣, ping us on instant chat, talk to us on social or drop us a line at – we’re always listening.

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