a sneak peek into our london launch party!


… it went off with a bang 💥

Just over a year ago, we were a bundle of nerves and excitement as we set sail on this crazy adventure.

Fast forward 365 and we’ve grown to a team of 12 and welcomed some really exciting brands onboard, all the while enjoying watching the humans of Bristol send hugggs across the city – but we always knew we wanted the love to go further, with London next on our list to get live and huggging.

On Thursday 4 October 2018, we did just that. And threw a big party at Campus London to celebrate.




People’s expectations of launch parties for tech businesses are generally pretty low.

And we were told by plenty not to celebrate with an event.

They said nobody would come, it’d be a waste of money, time and effort.

So we did what all good startups do, didn’t listen and threw one anyway.

Which, actually, turned out to be the right thing to do.


Here’s a snippet of what went down 👇


Credits: 🎥 by Richie Luwawa @luwxwa | 🎶 by Dj Quads @aka-dj-quads


We’re incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing humans here at huggg. From those who have downloaded the app and are using it to huggg their loved ones, to our partners, investors, friends, family and everyone we’ve met along the way, you really are the bomb 💣 and we, quite literally, couldn’t do it without you.

Of course, the party wouldn’t have been such a huge success without the help of some of our biggest supporters, so we’d like to say a whopping great thank you to Crosstown for the doughnuts; Dose for the food and drink; EOS, Rude Health and Buttermilk Fudge for providing the goodies to our bags and to everyone who came along to dance the night away and support us. Thanks also to Lotte, Niko and Isobel for bringing the good vibes to life with song, spoken word and strings.




We had a blast, and hopefully, so did you. Until next time, hugggers. ✌️

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