feed your kids from the comfort of your very own smartphone with huggg, an app that will change parenting ‘almost adults’ for good


If you’ve been in charge of a human for the last 18 years who is now heading into their first year of university, this summer has no doubt been filled with a mixture of anxiety and excitement for your (not so) little one’s adventure into (semi) adulthood.

You’ve Googled advice for parents of first year university students over a thousand times. It probably feels like days since they were in nappies and moments since you waved them off on their first day of school and you’re feeling pretty emotional about it all – but trust us, 18 or not, they’ll still need you (mostly to ask for things, but hey, if you’re finding it hard to let go, take what you can get).

So what can we do to keep that metaphorical umbilical cord intact?

Well, for years, parents have been sending cash to their kids to buy food with whilst at university, only to find out they’ve splurged it all on vodka jelly shots or pitchers of Fosters. Of course, we all know socialising is good for the soul and going out is often the key to making friends at university, but you’ll no doubt want to know their stomachs have been lined before they get started.

With huggg, you can do just that, by sending them a Friska lunch to enjoy before heading out with friends.

Not only that, you can also treat your kids to a cake, coffee or pint to enjoy, from wherever you are in the world. First birthday away from home? Send them a bottle of prosecco at Browns. Important exam coming up? Provide them with a warm cup of Friska fuel to get them through it. Low on cash towards the end of term? Send them a Crosstown doughnut to enjoy between lectures.

There are thousands of reasons to send a huggg. So what’s stopping you?

For those parents of university students who are feeling worried about letting go, let us help get you through the next term. Feed your kids from afar, both quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. Anytime, anywhere.

Currently only available to students studying in Bristol, Bath and London.

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