the brains behind the bristol coffee house project


As we count down to Bristol’s first coffee festival, bringing the best of the South’s coffee scene to the Passenger Shed over 7 and 8 September, we catch up with the women who turned a gem of an idea into reality over a flat white in The Crafty Egg (credits to Yaz on the pouring).


Meet coffee-loving duo Louisa and Sofia (pictured above) who met at a not so thrilling conference last year as freelancers. On that seemingly dull day, they shared a mutual feeling of what-am-I-doing-with-my-life, sparking the idea to start something new and exciting.

Several cups of coffee later, the idea for The Coffee House Project (CHP) was born.


so, why the coffee house project? – aside from the conference, where did the idea come from?

We started CHP as we both had a common goal of bringing something a bit different to Bristol and saw that there was a gap within the amazing coffee scene down here; there was no place or platform celebrating the industry. We saw this as a great opportunity to bring everyone together under one roof and give visitors a great day out whilst educating them about the industry. We also wanted an excuse to drink coffee and call it work (something team huggg are very familiar with, too.)


what’s your vision for CHP?

We want this festival to be an annual event for Bristol and the South West, creating a place that everyone can come together to celebrate the awesome coffee industry. 


>> Fast forward six months…


so, we’re three days away from the festival, what are you most excited about?

I think the most exciting bit will be seeing our vision come to life and the event in full swing, watching the public meeting all these amazing and passionate people behind their brands and hearing knowledge being poured out (quite literally in some cases!) from all four corners of the venue. 


what do you think about the independent coffee scene in bristol?

It’s changing every day which makes it so refreshing. You hear of new shops and roasteries opening all the time which keeps you on your toes. Each place has a great story behind it and their spirit makes it an inspiring scene to be a part of – we’re very lucky in that respect.


pick a favourite independent coffee shop and choice of coffee. 

It has to be Full Court Press – it plays a big part in CHP’s journey and is a place we have a huge soft spot for. We recommend it to anyone who’s looking to try new coffee at each visit, without it being a daunting experience. The friendly FCP team always make you feel so welcome. Our fave coffee from there is currently Origin.


any final thoughts?

Yes! Join us at CHP later this week (tickets available here). We look forward to chatting over a coffee (or three) and having a good time. See you there… 


CHP takes place at The Passenger Shed on 7 and 8 September. We’ll be on the huggg stand, adorned in gold, celebrating our new look and meeting as many of you as we can.

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