are you ready for the next instalment of the huggg journey?

are you ready for the next instalment of the huggg journey

Join a new community of independent coffee loving humans.

You asked us to make it possible to send hugggs from your favourite independent coffee shops. Well, now you can. Indie huggg has landed on the huggg app, ready to spread a little joy and support to you, your pals, and small businesses. It’s something that’s been brewing away like the most stellar cup of Joe you’ve ever had, and it’s finally here.

so, what exactly is indie huggg?

Indie huggg is here to support small businesses by connecting you, our coffee loving humans, with some of the best independent coffee joints in town. You can send an indie huggg in the exact same way as any other huggg. The added benefit is that you’ll be supporting a small business when you do so. An indie huggg can be redeemed at a variety of indie coffee shops in Bristol… we’ll get to that in a second!

but, why is this important?

At huggg, we’re all about pouring our energy and good vibes into our community. It’s true that if you give a little love, it all comes back to you. We want to do our bit to support small businesses and encourage the discovery of new ones. If you want to join the hundreds of indies partnering with huggg and reach more customers than ever before, sign up now.


what’s next?

To mark the launch of indie huggg, we want to shout about our new partners from the rooftops. We’ve got ‘em all lined up for you and we can’t wait for you to meet them. Every day over the next ten days, we’ll be featuring one of our new indies across our social media channels. Aside from brewing the perfect cup of coffee, our indies form a collective of humans that care about making a small difference to someone’s day.

Keep an eye on #indiehuggg on our instagram, facebook, and twitter feeds, there may be an indie coffee in it for you and your pals.


So, what are ya waiting for? Jump on in. Join our community of coffee lovers and be the first to know about new indies, meetups, huggg updates and more.

Log in or get started with Huggg for Biz ⭐️ today.

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